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Memristor Emulator

Memristor Emulator based on Arduino Shield

2013-07-31 09.48.43AB

This memristor emulator shield (MES) board based on Y. V. Pershin and M. Di Ventra research works ( The only different is, this MES board based on Arduino shield.

This board has been design 2-in-1 concept:

  1. The MES board is working based on dsPIC microcontroller
  2. The MES board is working based on Arduino UNO/Mega. The Arduino main board must be stacked below the MES board.

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Friedman Test and Nemenyi Post-Hoc Test

Reference Paper (Demsar,2006): Download Here

The Friedman test (Friedman, 1937, 1940) is a non-parametric equivalent of the repeated-measures ANOVA. It ranks the algorithms for each data set separately, the best performing algorithm getting the rank of 1, the second best rank 2. (Detail Please See Paper Demsar,2006)

If the null-hypothesis is rejected, we can proceed with a post-hoc test. The Nemenyi test (Nemenyi, 1963) is similar to the Tukey test for ANOVA and is used when all classifiers are compared to each other. The performance of two classifiers is significantly different if the corresponding average ranks differ by at least the critical difference (CD). (Detail Please See Paper Demsar,2006)

CD = qa*sqrt((k(k+1))/6N)

How to calculate qa?

x = stdrinv(p, v, r)

p: p-value, v: Degree of Freedom (Normally ‘inf’), r: Number of Algorithm


x = stdrinv(0.95,inf,50)

qa = x/sqrt(2) --> (Regarding to Demsar,2006)

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