A New Multimodal Classification-based Method for 3D Point Cloud Big Data Management in Heritage Building PreservationFRGS2017-2020Ongoing (Co- Researcher)
Formulation of Microgrid Energy Management of Energy Internet Using Fuzzy Based Model Predictive Control FRGS (UMP and UniMAP)2019-2021Ongoing (Co-Researcher)
Intelligent Machine Learning Technique for Predicting the Moisture Distribution and Provide Quantification Assessment using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkTRGS2019-2022Ongoing (Co-Researcher)
Optimisation of Stingless Bee Hive Conditions and Corresponding Parameters Utilising IoT and Machine Learning for Improved Honey Production.FRGS2020-2022Ongoing (Co-Researcher)
New Ensemble Classifier Algorithm Incorporating Deep Learning Dropout Approach for Small Sample-Sized ProblemsFRGS2020-2022Ongoing (Leader)
Design and Development of an Automatic Waterjet Fruit Peeling and Cutting MachineUniPRIMA2020-2022Ongoing (Co-Researcher)