Embedded System and Interfacing
Session: 2022/2023

Mini Project using Raspberry Pi Pico W


YouTube Link for Demonstration

  1. Smart Shopper (https://youtu.be/0K-IWBQo7Ts)
  2. Lagenda Budak Hostel System (https://youtu.be/dpyCt3JbIAc)
  3. Empowering Farm with Pi (https://youtu.be/n7gu_jEMm3w)
  4. Smart Vegetable Watering System (https://youtu.be/xX_Bw33etbo)
  5. Smart Medicine Box (https://youtu.be/wQGqbFmt0Vg)
  6. Smart Medicine Storage (https://youtu.be/gsi-OSWlWCs)
  7. Smart Shop (https://youtu.be/A84ujrhiBVs)
  8. Smart Parking Systems (https://youtu.be/PFp0r0hQPq0)
  9. Smart Flood Detection Systems (https://youtu.be/bHivAse7jq0)
  10. Smart Cat Feeder (https://youtu.be/RqJeibTQxZE)
  11. Smart Washing Machine (https://youtu.be/JPrV9V1sveo)
  12. Smart individual Garage (https://youtu.be/9dPe8-zIcrA)
  13. Car Gas Detector System (https://youtu.be/-wsjCKOUK-0)
  14. Smart Locker with RFID (https://youtu.be/KqE63hQuSUA)
  15. Smart Cat Feeder (https://youtu.be/2mnb9KGJWNQ)
  16. Train Passenger Counter (https://youtu.be/_8yOVXq0tD0)
  17. Smart Car Parking Systems using Blynk IoT (https://youtu.be/vKimNRW1knw)
  18. Smart Jewerly Box (https://youtu.be/2d38dxYodsw)
  19. Smart Farm (https://youtu.be/ZmxRXiUsK2E)
  20. Smart Park on Campus (https://youtu.be/A_gEgDVXg-E)
  21. Smart Highway Raja Syed Sirajuddin (https://youtu.be/62PEdptd2nQ)
  22. Smart Dustbin with Telebot for Monitoring Systems (https://youtu.be/TBrkjTkEA1Q)
  23. Smart Trashcan (https://youtu.be/qAOifrgoir0)
  24. Smart Garbage Bin with Compression (https://youtu.be/Mi1iJ2quOiQ)
  25. Smart Office (https://youtu.be/X80tvD7YpVk)
  26. Child Detector in an Unmanned Car (https://youtu.be/3yadNbSo6FY)
  27. Smart Drop (https://youtu.be/6TSUPMHX854)
  28. Smart Bedroom (https://youtu.be/K3iDsv2JwHA)
  29. Smart Home (https://youtu.be/kyXiauC43Gw)
  30. Smart Pigeon Hole System (https://youtu.be/3_9HETMv7tU)
  31. Smart Garbage Bin (https://youtu.be/Tsjr22fvh-U)
  32. IoT-Based Fire Detection Robot (https://youtu.be/QmAWrAcFcIo)
  33. Smart Flood Draining System (https://youtu.be/hFsVyHRpDdQ)
  34. Smart Classroom Attendance Systems (https://youtu.be/vsSEFN7QHKE)
  35. InnoVend+ (https://youtu.be/vAPkY-8Zmyc)
  36. Smart Medicine Delivery Robot (https://youtu.be/5QALrMLOzdc)
  37. Apartment Secure Parcel Box with RFID & IOT (https://youtu.be/8fO8ScCbeDA)
  38. Smart Billing Systems (https://youtu.be/WQjHL6xRe4I)
  39. Smart Home (https://youtu.be/kyXiauC43Gw)
  40. Smart Security Home System (https://youtu.be/imYUbtlPU50)
  41. Smart Farm (Sheep and Lamb Counting) (https://youtu.be/2HxEN67TLbk)
  42. Plant Guardian (https://youtu.be/PJmYk2tRACk)
  43. Smart Security Lock System (https://youtu.be/DGEfSCkhAkA)
   Summary Video


Mini Project (Group Member) Part 1

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Mini Project (Product) Part 1

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Mini Project (Group Member) Part 2

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Mini Project (Product) Part 2

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Laboratory Session

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Laboratory Video


  1. https://youtu.be/YKBy8_4pso0
  2. https://youtu.be/xt8GfuypEU4
  3. https://youtu.be/wOcC_0YKWtI
  4. https://youtu.be/YoemmmiWBf0
  5. https://youtu.be/2BWfkYmFvSg
  6. https://youtu.be/uh9GoJ8eSvQ
  7. https://youtu.be/MSTnbG6hPmA
  8. https://youtu.be/UY3IWe8V2FI
  9. https://youtu.be/3EG1pCCxWJU
  10. https://youtu.be/YLOGGa4zLrg
  11. https://youtu.be/5HsFFFWcycs

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