Raspberry Pi Pico 

  1. Blink Onboard LED
  2. Push-Button + Blink Onboard LED
  3. Read Temperature Onboard
  4. OLED I2C (128x64)
  5. Read Temperature (DS18B20)
  6. Read Temperature (DS18B20) and Display to OLED

Blink Onboard Led

Blink the Onboard (GP25) LED and print "Hello Pi Pico"

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Push-Button and Blink Onboard Led

This project to push the button (GP20) and Blink the Onboard LED

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Read Temperature Onboard

The temperature sensor measures the Vbe voltage of a biased bipolar diode, connected to the fifth ADC channel

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OLED I2C (128x64)-Blue Display

Display Image and text on I2C driven ssd1306 OLED display

Buy Here:
1. OLED I2C 0.96Inch 128x64 Blue Display
2. Maker Pi Pico

You need ssd1306.py module and upload to the Raspberry Pi Pico

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Example code here!

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Dallas DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

DS18B20 is a digital temperature sensor which is from DALLAS. It can be used to quantify the environmental temperature testing. The temperature range -55 ~ 125 ℃, the inherent temperature resolution of 0.5 ℃, support multi-point networking mesh. Three DS18B20 can deloyed on three lines, to achieve multi-point temperature measurement. It has a 9-12 bit serial output.

Supply Voltage: 3.3V to 5V
Temperature range :-55 °C ~ 125 °C
Interface: Digital

Datasheet [Link]

Basic Connection DS18B20 with Microcontroller


Dallas DS18B20 Temperature Sensor + OLED

Read temperature from DS18B20 sensor and display on I2C driven ssd1306 OLED display

You need ssd1306.py module and upload to the Raspberry Pi Pico


Example Code Here!